Complaint: I received an email from this gentleman stating he was with Emcure Pharmaceutical. I was to get on Google hangouts ASAP. RED FLAG 1. Then I was asked my name address and age. Red Flag 2. Then the usual interview questions. I noticed the spelling errors. I mean blatant errors. Red Flag 3. Now the good part. I would need to buy software and they were going to send me an Apple ipad. Now if he really was representing Emcure, why would I need to buy software? He was to send the check and I was to only put it in an ATM! The next day he texted me again with some accounting tasks. He wanted me to find out all my banking information and monetary limits of how much money my bank would allow as a deposit? Why would he need that. Anyway, too many red flags. I told him goodbye and I would be getting in touch with the legitimate company.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 7324551676