A young man came to the door selling three bottles of cleaner for $119.95 that is earth friendly and concentrated. He said it is a charity to get street kids selling drugs off the street. He handed me a sheet with a small amount of information about his product and then he wanted it back before he left. (He only had the one copy to use.) He claimed that the sale of one bottle for $39.95 would buy an outfit for a young man to sell the product and not be selling drugs on the street. He talks fast and is very insistent on getting you to buy at least one bottle. He had gotten my first name from the neighbor and said she had purchased the three bottle deal. There was a dark van following close behind as he worked our neighborhood. When I refused to buy even one bottle, he tried the guilt trip of me not thinking saving a kid is worth $40. When that didn’t budge me, he stormed off.Warning: He talks so fast and doesn’t give you time to think or even respond. He takes the paper back and continues giving his well rehearsed talk; acting very friendly and joking around. Attempts to make you feel like you should be comfortable with him, as someone you already know. Very clean and well kept young man who appears to be of African descent and jokes about his color. Said he was from the south, North Carolina.