Gregor Kohn is a con artist, uses many names. Look him up on Google. He will steal your money. Wanted in Florida by the law and will be found soon. His days are numbered. He ran to CA from the court system in Florida. He is not licensed. He did not show up for court and has many judgements against him. His family in Davie Fl says he took off to CA and is on the run. He owes thousands of dollars and his counterpart in Florida is paying the price. Channel 10 Ft Lauderdale did a segment on Kohn a few months back about ripping people off. The segment is on ABC 10 called “Call Cristina”. This guy would ripp off his own mother. He owes us over $58K and we will get it back. Do not give him money, you will regret it. Department of professional regulation in Tallahassee, FL is looking for him as well.


  • Name: Parker-Phoenix Construction, Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 645 W 9th St Ste 110-246
  • Phone: (800) 580-8371
  • Website: