Complaint: On 6/28/02 I ordered a part online, cancelled it the next day. My bank account was charged $112.59 for the order that totalled $97.54. After 4 phone calls and 6 e-mails asking for a cancellation confirmation and a credit, I called again on 7/22/02 and was told they shipped the item on 7/15/02! I phoned U.P.S. with the tracking number and refused delivery prior to the actual delivery. Since I used a debit card to pay, I had to wait 30 days once they received it back to have my bank credit my account. NOW I just sent my bank a copy of the 5 e-mails and the U.P.S tracking information to back up my claim. Their 800 number is not listed on their website but it is – 888-872-7878. I used it once but now I get a recording that says “You have dialed a number that is not available from your calling area””. Try it from your area – at least it might save you the toll calls! Nina Union

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Address: New Jersey”


Phone: 12812 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, California U.S.A.