I found a good price on parts we needed to fix a few of our golf carts. I put the items into the shopping cart and went to check out. The order total was $344.64 – the shipping came up $380.00, the items combined weighed less then 2lbs so I knew something was wrong. I called to inform them that their shipping calculator was wrong only to be talked down to like I was an idiot. | I have ordered the same parts 3 times this summer from another source but they ran out of them – I know how much they cost to ship. Eventually the woman acknowledged there was an error and “fixed” it only for it to now say $38.40. Okay you clearly want to gouge me on shipping, I see why your price is cheaper than your competitors. I informed her that the actual shipping from florida to michigan is around $12 and even offered to pay $20 but she basically told me too bad pay it – how about no. | I don’t know if she owns this company or is just an unpleasant hired employee – either way BUYER BEWARE they will try to rip you off on the shipping!!!!!