As of 3pm (California time) today (August 4, 2016), Pamela Azmi-Andrew and / or Pashworks Entertainment owes me $16,500 but continues to avoid and / or delay payments. Pam representing Pashworks contacted me Aug 2014 for money for company projects that she guaranteed 100% in emails and phone conversations to pay at or before 12 months after receiving the money. She sent me links to a trailer (called "HARMONY") and show (called "LEGENDS") that Pashworks produced or was trying to produce and said she simply needed the funds to proceed to the final phase of sale and / or production. I remembered Pam as one of the dancers in the 1983 Michael Jackson Thriller video and she claimed she had been in the business since then and had developed a network that would guarantee 100% return on what she promised. She then said via emails and phone conversations that she was so confident of her and Pashworks success rate that she would personally guarantee 100% of what Pashworks promised if her network failed. Without hesitation and based on what she promised personally and as a representative of Pashworks, I signed the contract from Pashworks and released the funds from my personal emergency account Sept 2014. When payment was due Sept 2015, Pam said she and Pashworks needed more time for the lump sum payment so I extended her due date to Dec 2015. In Dec 2015, she told me she and Pashworks were waiting on funds that were already approved for her to receive but I only needed to wait until funds were released from her accountant who was overseeing her overseas transactions. I told her I could not wait any longer and made a loan; she promised to make the monthly payments. She made payments Feb – May 2016. As of today, I have not received any additional payments or the $16,500 lump sum. Her excuses include "returning from meeting to get the funds" or "funds are approved but in the hands of her accountant"; at one point she mentioned waiting on $500,000. Embezzlement, scam and con!! Please be aware of this company of Pamela Azmi-Andrew.