We received an voucher for two round trip airline tickets worth up to 1298.00.We needed only to call 1-866-669-7556.We called the number and where instructed to attend a seminar in order to receive our tickets.We attended the seminar,at which point we where told that they needed a copy of our drivers licences and a major credit card number number.We gave them this information.We then sat through a lengthy sales pitch about travel club and time share like offers. After the seminar we received a package with all the instructions.First we had to send a money order for the amount of 4.95 and then 50.00 per ticket,for us 100.00.Then we would receive our request for tickets.We received the request for tickets and filled in all of our departure, times and city,along with city of destination.the dates and time of travel to and return.So I submitted information via response to travel request to email.A few days later i received a response from Passport to Travel saying that they could not process the request due to the missing information of city of departure and arrival and the dates of travel.I emailed back through there support forum and assured them all the information was submitted,as I have a copy of the completed form in my hands.I also resubmitted form.Three days latter I received another email from passport to travel stating again that the form could not be processed due to the missing city of departure and arrival and times of travel.I then tried the various phone numbers i have used in the past to contact passport to travel,I cannot get any of the #s to call me back,nor am I receiving any emails responding to my attempts to notify them through there support email.We where planning on using these tickets to attend our Daughters wedding,now we will have to scramble to find a way there.

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