Complaint: I was scammed on Craigslist by this individual while looking for a rental house in sparks, nv. He claimed to be a pastor and wife having to leave their home with someone to love and care for their home. Offered perfect home for much less than he could rent, utilities, flexible lease time, etc. I answered the ad, filled out rental application thru email, he accepted and agreed to rent to me. I couldn’t see inside of house till he fed ex ed keys and documents, letting the FedEx amount of $187.00 to ship keys be taken from the very low deposit, not due till I moved in. The house was real.I went a house that was supposed to be empty, and was surprised to find a young woman open the door, having rented the home 2 weeks prior, but knowing no Anderson as owner.I later found multiple similar ads in various states. I wish I ‘d known better and not one more time believed in people who keep proving that there aren’t many people left in this world to trust.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

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