This Satan of a woman took my father away from my mother..My parents have been married for 40 years and my father was always a man of his home, a great dad and a great husband. This Satan and yes Satan cause only the Satan would do this much damage to a family of 7 children and 12 grandchildren. || This piece of shit started to seduce my father about 2011 don’t know exact date but I know that’s when my mother started to notice changes with my father. They started to not sleep in the same room, he would always hide his phone, he would always go out for any reason at all and would come home about 2 or 3 hours later, when mind you he would never do that without my mother. They were always together and since I was young I always remembered my parents always being together, until this snake came around our family. || Now my father doesn’t talk to us and doesn’t care about his grandchildren. I mean I am a grown woman and I think I am grateful for my father never doing this when all his children were young, but this is no excuse! My mother has always cared for him while sick and always was there 100% with him. My mother has always been a faithful, loving mother and wife, I just can’t believe my own father could do this to his family. He has blamed his children for his unhappiness and believe me I thought my parents were OK because after 40 years, they still made out in front of us! He has even told one of my sisters that she wasn’t his, the nerve of this man! || I am so very disappointed and hurt and always thought there were still good men because of my father. I looked up to him so very much and I respected this man so much. We have confronted this piece of shit but she doesn’t and won’t confront any of his kids. My mother with a broken heart told my father to leave his home of 40 years to be with that woman. Now they live together and not once has he picked up the phone to ask for his grandchildren, because now he has grandchildren that are not his blood to take care of and care for. Like my mother always said; anyone who does harm to you just leave it in Gods hands. Sooner or later life will repay all the wrongdoings and that’s what we did we left it to our lord. My mother has been thru so much, but with our love and our encouragement she is doing great! As for our father ..God forgive him for he doesn’t know what he does…..