They took over 6900.00


My Complaint: In January I was contacted by Patrick Ramos by text messages to care for his mother. He stated he saw my profile on and wanted to hire me to be the caregiver of a Jessica Ramos. He stated she had cerebral palsy and wanted me to work 9 am to 5 pm Mon-Sat.
He said he would pay me 20.00 an hour so I told him I would take the job. He stated his mother needed a wheelchair and wanted to buy it from eBay but was located in Alaska and needed assistance in wiring the funds.
He informed me his company; Air Liquide would cut me two checks so he fed ex it to my home. I deposited the checks, waited for them to clear and they did two western union wires of 2250.00 a piece to Esther A. Silitz located in MN. He stated she was the seller.
After two wires were sent my bank contacted me saying the checks were sent back so I contacted him and he informed me it was a mix up and he would fix it to send a third wire. He wanted me to send 1250.00. I said no and after that I went to the Police Dept.
They stated they were unable to assist me so I called the State Police who stated the same thing.
I looked online and discovered this individual has done this before and is stalking others on and using their caring personalities to take their money.
This is not right, he has stolen from others. Something needs to happen. I have kept all our emails, the checks and other items.
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My Demand: I want him to go to jail!!!!