Refund never received


My Complaint: I returned a cross pendent a little over a week of having it. It was to small, contacted the owner, she stated to return for a refund. I tried emailing to the address listed on the website and the email came back invalid. Tried calling for over a month and the owner has never contacted me back after leaving plenty of voicemails. It was so bad that she would obviously hit deny call on her phone bc it would ring and go straight to voicemail. So much for there statement on her website of: 30 Day Money Back or Product Exchange Guarantee! Items are shipped the next business day. Now, obviously its past the 30 day money back period, I’m sure that would be her excuse IF I happened to speak with her. Granted its not that much money but that really isn’t the point. Totally bad business!!


My Demand: Refund PLEASE