Complaint: Patty Ramirez Antonioli resides in Columbus, Ohio and has been implicated in check fraud. Rip Off Report asked me to confirm my allegations with evidence. In 2012, Patty Ramirez Antonioli stole a checkbook belonging to a Mr Free Spirit – a Spiritual Teacher on tour in the US at the time. She then used one of the checks to write herself a check for US $3,000 which she then cashed after he left the US. For proof of this fraud – the check is attached (with routing details removed) along with scans of Free Spirit’s real signature and Patty’s forged one. It is clear the two do not match. Caution is advised dealing with this individual as she can be deceptive. I confirm this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 5989 Hilliard, Ohio USA

Website: 5989 Pinto Pass Dr