I have live near your store in Simi Valley on Tapo Canyon and Alamo for almost 7 years. This is the worst run store on a consistent basis , I have ever seen. From poor product replacement, no common products and the constant shifting of the products in your store, to Mangers who harass fellow female workers. Today 5/10/2015 at 6pm there was many people in this store , 5 lanes of checkers were open but no express lanes. The current manager said well there we mostly big quantities being checked out. First of all, that was not the case, there was a sufficient number of people approximately 10 currently that had 1 to 3 items standing behind large orders. Second, you would not have that in any other store I have been in. Also they keep moving the location of items, it seems, every 6 months. I see people constantly wandering around and complaining about this. Their own workers there don’t know where everything is and worst of all there are a lot of retired elderly people that is a significant population of the store that can barely walk, forcing them to hunt for things. I have made it a point as well as othes who live near this store to drive 2 miles to Trader Joes, because of the management of this store. I don’t know who they think you are fooling moving around their goods or what kinds of management policies they have, but this is the worst store I have ever been around in 50 years.

2938 Tapo Canyon Rd simi valley, California USA



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