I recieved a call stating I was approved for a 3k loan. After being denied everywhere else because of my low credit score all the said I needed to receive the loan is to pay a $199 voucher through iTunes gift card. After sending the first voucher they said they needed ten minutes to process loan to me. Waited and checked, it never transferred. After calling back they stated that I needed an insurance policy of $500 to receive loan because of such low credit score and that it was to protect me if I were to ever not make a payment. After sending another $500, they stated that the transfer from them was successful. I waited another 20 minutes, and never recieved it. I call back and then they stated that there was a state to state bank transfer fee and all I needed was $600, that the money was transferred from there bank and is in Virginia but that there was a tax, and that they had to pay half and I had to pay half. | I had already blew $700 and I needed to get the money back, they stated I was getting all of it transferred back with the loan. I sent it, and repeated to tell me that their payment got denied because it didn’t come from Virginia. That I had to pay there’s also. After hours of arguing and trying to get information and speak to customer service and management other than roger Vincent who supposedly is the general manager. Then stating I can pay even more money to get the loan or pay a 510 cancelation fee to get MY money back and that’s I’d receive half of the cancelation fee back. I then proceeded to ask how would he transfer my money back when I have to pay a fee to transfer it. He stated that I would receive my refund through bank transfer. After arguing that I didn’t have the money, that they took all of my money and that they couldn’t just take the money from the money they took from me. Roger Vincent tells me that he can speak with his company to not charge me at all for the cancelation fee but that I still had to pay the 510 and that is receive 500 out of 510 back that 10 was for some small fee. I continued to state then if they aren’t why do I have to pay money to receive my money. He stated that they had to be proof of transaction from Virginia. After telling him I don’t have that money he continued to ask me how much money I did have. It is a scam


  • Name: PaydayTotal
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Stockton
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  • Website: www.paydaytotal.com/