PayPal Fiasco – January 29, 20191)Googled for phone number for PayPal.2)Got number 888-738-14213)Called that number. It was answered ag PayPal, Steve speaking.4)I explained that I was expecting a PayPal payment of between $4700 – 5,000. I asked if there would be a charge to me for this transfer. Answer was NO. Steve than asked if there was anything else, he could help me with. I told him that I hadn’t used PayPal for some time, that I had confirmed that the account was still open, but that I needed to update the banking and credit card information. Steve said that it wasn’t a problem, but he could help me.5)He explained that I needed to get my account verified and that I needed an authacation #6)Steve said that I get an authacation # card at Kroger, Walgreens, or Walmart. He told me not to hang up, but to drive to Kroger, and he would tell me how to get the card. I drove to Kroger, Steve told me to go to the gift card rack. I did. He told me to find the authication card from PayPal. Told him that I didn’t see any, and he asked if there were Google Play cards. He asked what domination, and I told you 10-500. He told me to take the 10-500 card to checkout, but not to tell them that I was using it for authacation because they would charge sales tax.7)After I paid for the card, Steve told me to go back to my car. He asked me how I had paid for the card and he wanted the last four #’s. I told him I used my Chase Card with ending #’s- 4231. He had me scratch off the code # and read it to him. The told me not to leave the parking lot, and he was moving the authacation process along.8)A lady then came on the phone, said that I needed to get another card to complete the authacation process. I complained a bit, but she assured me that I was the only way I could get my account approved to accept the large some of money. I went back into Kroger, and purchased another $500 Google Play card. She told me to return to the car again. She wanted to know how I had paid and the last 4 #’s. I gave her my Capital one #’s – 6254. She also had me scratch off the numbers. I gave the numbers to her, and she said that the number was incorrect. I reread it to her. She said that the second reading was correct, but that because of the mistake I had made, her computer had locked up. She said that the only way I could get the account opened, was that I had to go get two more cards.9)I told her I wasn’t going to do it, and let’s stop the process. She said again, that I wasn’t spending money, because all the card purchased were going to be applied to my account when it was opened and approved. I told her I wasn’t buying more cards. She transferred me to a man was said that he was in charge of the credit department.10) I was standing in Kroger’s telling the man that I was done buying cards, and he could open the account of forget it. While I was talking to the man, a Kroger employee came up to me and told me that I stop because I was being scammed. I told the guy what I had just been told, and he said , OK he had approved my account and it was open, and that the money had been put into the account. I asked him how he was crediting my account since I hadn’t given an account number, so he asked for my checking # and I gave it to him. At that point he said to finish, I had to buy one more card for $300. At that I told him is over, and I hung up.11) I rushed home and phoned Google Play card and talked to Amy. She checked the codes on the cards, and found that the $ was gone. She wrote up a report for their security dept. and send me an email regarding what I should do including filing a report with FTC. (Copy of her email attached.)12) We called Capital one and Chase bank and let them know what had happened. They both filed reports, and closed the credit cards.13)We then called Chase Bank and had the checking account closed also.14)Got a different number for PayPal 888-221-1161. Called them to see if by any chance I had been dealing with them. They said that is the way they do business.15)I started checking my email account, and found emails from [email protected] regarding: a) my password had been changed, b) someone had cancelled an agreement between eBay and PayPal on my behalf.16)My google email password had be changed also. I had my grand-daughter help me and we got the google account straightened out.17)My PayPal account is still on hold.18)I filed a report with the West Chester Police. Report # 19-033519)I have dialed the number 888-738-1421 twice since above activity, and each time the phone is answered as PayPal. Each time a male answered. Different names.