Beware of this company who is selling illegally cracked software for pennieso on the dollar. | When you buy from this company they will send you private download links for software and serial numbers. They will warn you that you can’t use their serial number to activate legitimate copies of the software. You can only use it to activate their copy that they provide you. If you contact the vendor of the softwaer they will confrim the serial numbers are bunk and are not valid. They will also confirm that is not an authorized reseller of their software. | They opened their website less than a year ago and purchased the domain name for only one year. They know they won’t be around long. Beware of their obvious and fake listings. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two websites are in cahootz. They are both registered under private names at GoDaddy. | If you complain they will refuse to give you your money back and threaten to file “fraud” reports with the FCC and credit card companies and accuse you of stealing from them. They use scare tactics to try to persuade you from reversing the credit card charges. | Don’t be persuaded. If you’ve been scammed by this company, call your card company and have them reverse the charges immediately and cancel your card. These scammers have no recourse. They can’t provide any documentation or resources to indicate they are legally authorized to sell the products they are selling, nor that what they sold you is legal and legitimate. | I purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and was given 5 copies at what turned out to be the cost of 1 copy with a serial number that Adobe confrimed was illegitimate. The copy of software they gave me was obviously modified and had left over strangely named chinese files in them. |


  • Name: PCSoftware Online
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alaska
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 800-730-2409
  • Website: