Tried to get me to pay a bill I already paid and threatening with jail time


My Complaint: I had a phone message saying that I need to call this number back right away saying they were from a fraud investigation so I called and I spoke with a lady who called herself miss French she said that I had a pay day loan that was not paid in full from 2008 when I told her it was paid she argued and said that IT WAS IN HER OFFICE AND IF I DID NOT PAY I would get subpoena and get a misdemeanor and get jail time so scared I gave her my bank card information luckily I will not have money in my account until next week so I still have time to cancel my card however, after speaking with her I called the cooperation for pay day loans and they told me they do not have me in their files at all then after more research I did a reverse phone look up and found that these people have ben scamming others too.


My Demand: to shut them down and take them to jail and money back if they have over drown my account