Pearland State Bank is quite possibly the most despicable bank in the great State of Texas. | What kind of bank would; | Send “certified demand notices” stating default for being 3 days late? (see attached) | Raise your payments 25%? | Make conflicting demands in an effort to get additional $20,000 in interest payments to circumvent the then current note? | Refuse to release the lien on one of the properties after I had arranged third party financing on the improved property which was a breach of the note/court approved plan. | Make false and misleading statements in a Federal court? | Make false claims to the IRS? | Make False claims to the three credit reporting agencies? | Pearland State Bank would and did! | In the following I will give a brief time line on how this nightmare played out. You will see actual emails to and from Pearland State Bank’s officers, Randal Lee Ferguson, president, John Rizzo Sr, vice president and the Banks attorney David Smith. | I will then include excerpts of these same officer’s actual court testimony in a Federal Court, which I believe to be mostly false and misleading and I believe the reader will agree.


  • Name: Pearland State Bank
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Pearland
  • Address: 2301 N Main St
  • Phone: 1 281-485-3211
  • Website: