Run away while you can. doesn’t know what she is doing. My great aunt was supposed to move in this place. First, they lied to her and told her son to come pick up the paperwork. When her son came they said they don’t have it, so he drove 45 minutes for nothing. | Next week he was told to come back and he did but the manager filled out the paperwork wrong and he had to come back at least 4 times because each time something was missing from the papers or was not filled out correctly. Once he was told to show up after lunch but both the assistant manager and the manager showed up 35 minutes later than the time he was told with food and big bellies. | On the 4th time, they sent him down the street to their sister property and it was finally filled out correctly by another woman (Sybil Molano). | My great aunt was told this doesn’t fix the qualifications for her voucher and could not move here. | She asks if they could lower the rent a little bit so she could but the manager refused. | It’s all the manager’s fault all it took was 45 seconds to look at my great aunt’s papers to see she it was not in her allowed price range but she was so incompetent that she wasted weeks of my great aunts time and now refused to give her money back. | The grounds are full of trash and litter all the time. Kids are running around cursing out elders. They will scam you, take your money and give you nothing. You take money from the poor and don’t care about who you hurt.


  • Name: Pecan Square Village on Cranbrook
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 14531 Ella Blvd
  • Phone: 1 281-872-1222
  • Website: