Short Sale Seller Beware!!! This person is a bottom feeder and goes after people in dire situations to take advantage of them. She knows that if you are don’t have enough money to pay your mortgage then you probably wont have enough money to sue her when you realize she has just royally screwed you. She twists it to make it look like she is helping you but has you basically sign your life away. n She is also a lawyer and writes her own real estate contracts instead of using the general contracts most realtors use that are provided by the state. She puts extremely low “ghost offers”” on short sale homes that she is “”trying”” to sell. She will black ball any offer that comes in and keep it from ever closing so she can buy the home for pennies and sell it for an enormous profit. nShe tries to add undisclosed fees to a purchase contract for the buyer to pay her short sale company. Any other realtor collects commission on the sale of the house weather it is short sale or not and does not seek extra money because it is a short sale. She doesn’t do anything more than any other realtor

yet expects to be paid an extra 5% commission just because she has a “”short sale company””. If the buyer refuses to pay her this fee she will try to get the sellers bank to pay her which holds up the sale of the property. nThis realtor has been reported to the board of ethics many times

but is a lawyer and knows how to get around any sort of judgment. She needs to be put out of business

but unfortunately continues to prosper on other’s misfortune. BEWARE! Stay away!”

128 Meadowview Dr. Boone, North Carolina United States of America