Complaint: I hate to do this but it must be done. I saw Peng Joon 1 year ago at the National Acheivers Congress and I was blown away at his presentation. THis young 25 year internet millionaire (So who he claims), was humble, talked a lot about his humble start. So I bought his program for $1997 and then attended his class. I was so excited, it was fun, interactive and we built websites right there on the spot. I did everythign he said and NOT ONE THING MADE US MONEY. It is a complete scam. About 30 of us from the class, are still in contact with our what’s app group and not one of us has made money. Now we are action takers, i have a high paying job and this was my ticket to passive income. Turns out it’s a road of lies, deceit and broken dreams. Peng Joon turned out to the biggest fraud. I have not meet one person that has made money with hios program that has quit their job and one of his video testamonial on his presentation is actually broke and has no money, even though he proclaims to have made all this money. Internet Marketing use to work in the days of Stephen Pierce, Joel Comm, Jeff Walker, Fran Kern. All these guys are real internet marketers, Peng Joon is a fake and a fraud. Keep your MONEY… I lost mine and I will never get back. Perhaps we should all get together and sue him and let see if he makes more with his program or his internet marketing business.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA