Left a job I really liked because of a scheduling issue, Called Pennsburg Manor they promised me everything I was looking for, and they also pay more then the average nursing home in the area. So I made the switch after yrs at prior employer. | What a mistake the work load I was told was a complete lie! | They are the most Miserable write up happy people I have ever seen, Almost seems as though they give bonusus for finding reasons to write people up! Their also always doing things like taking your breaks away because somebody went out to their car and fell asleep and went over their time, so they take it out on everybody! I use to think it was funny when the boss woud come up to me to tell me my break was taken away, and I would tell her “I don’t smoke and I don’t take them anyway” they would act shocked and walk away looking sad because they didn’t get to throw around their authority. | To many chiefs not enough indians, seems as though they have as many nurses as aides, we need workers not paper pushers. | Crazy demands was once told to wake up a patient (who hardly ever slept) to cut their fingernails! | Non existant upper level managment or of they were their they just chose not to do anything about our complaints. Had a co-worker who called off all the time, and when was there was to drugged up to do anything (she would nod off all night) reprted nothing done. | Bad experience there! I found other job love it, no stress, no write ups, work load exactly what I was told prior to hire no co workers on drugs. | So take your write ups and stick um were the sun don’t shine Pennsburg Manor I’m so happy I no longer work for you!!!


  • Name: Pennsburg Manor
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Pennsburg
  • Address: 530 Macoby St
  • Phone: 215-679-8076
  • Website: