WHY PENSKE IGNORING COMPLAINT RE DAMAGE CAUSED BY PENSKE TRUCK with a weathered hole in the top? | To Whom it may concern: In good faith, I made a reservation for a 26′ Penske One Way truck to transport my entire household (full wardrobe, furniture, electronics, computers, personal and career records, and so forth) from Tampa, Fl to my 10x20x14h climate controlled storage unit in nearby Boynton Beach, Fl. | On October 3rd, 2017, I arrived at the Tampa Home Depot Penske desk when it opened at 830am to pick up my reserved truck, per reservation #6179545 . There was much confusion at the counter; no large truck was on the premises forcing me to wait several hours for my truck while my expensive professional movers waited. Finally, a 26’ truck was returned. Then the clerk said something about key codes not matching and no other truck on site, she could not release this truck without permission from someone. | She was on the phone and computer screen with a Penske someone for over an hour, she finally released “A” 26’ truck to me. | Note: Without my knowledge, the wrong truck was released to me per my reservation #61794545 for unit 9267548 although the truck I was rented at the Penske counter, inside Home Depot 17601 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa and returned in Boynton Beach was unit 9262464.) In hindsight, was truck #9262464 due for repairs and instead rented to me for lack of truck 9267548??? | Three Tampa based professional movers loaded said truck. No hole in the top of the truck was noticed by them or me. It was daytime, inside the cab was dry and an open hole would have been obvious. Through heavy wind and rain, this truck traveled from Tampa to Boynton Beach, Florida on October 3rd and 4th. It was parked in Boynton just after midnight on October 5th. | When the truck was opened early Thursday morning, October 5th in Boynton Beach, Fl by three local professional movers, my property in the back was damp. Upon further unloading, the moisture then water on my property was progressively worse. Wet boxes crumbled and fell due to the water causing damage to my furniture, too. Local movers discovered a hole in the top of the Penske truck 9262464 directly above the heaviest concentration of water. According to the pictures, the hole appears to be disguised by weathered mildew/mold /dirt at approximately mid center of the truck. | October 5th, 830 AM, I reported this situation to your local Penske office (US PAK & Ship, 9770 S Military Trail, Boynton Beach, Fl 33436, 561-734-1700 to Steve Grebinar). He advised me to document everything. I did. I told Steve that my property could not be unloaded as planned (which cost more time and money) due to the damage and the truck would be returned as soon as possible. He verified that I purchased FULL coverage and referred me to 800-228-9283 (Empire Fire& Marine Ins) to file a claim. I was assigned claim number 5340008418 that same morning and was told a representative would contact me within 24 hours. | Full insurance purchased on Penske October 3, 2017 rental agreement #61719545 included Cargo, Limited Damage Waiver/LDW $0 Responsibility, Personal Accident Insurance and Supplemental Liability which totaled $111.86. (I brought a few boxes home to unpack and launder immediately because I needed the clothes. They had been inside the truck since Tuesday, were damp and already smelled like mildew. I was concerned that dark colors packed would fade on to light if left like that. I cannot help but wonder about all the rest left without immediate attention. I have mobility impairments therefore alone, am unable to do anything about my wet household stored in a climate controlled yet dark, humid storage unit almost 5 miles away.) | Waiting for Penske to resolve this challenge hopefully before it becomes a problem, TBD. At 2:25pm Friday afternoon, October 6, 2017 insurance representative Tami Miles 402-963-5210, [email protected] requested a copy of my rental agreement to verify insurance coverage purchased. I emailed that plus a picture of the hole. She told me that Penske’s “Risk” insurance covered damage caused by Penske’s “defective trucks”. | Tami Miles referred me to 800-645-2592, Simon, “Risk insurance representative” answered. I asked for someone that spoke English clearly, told no one else was available. I tried, used patience yet his English was terrible. It was then after 5pm on Friday, October6th. After GREAT difficulty attempting to understand his English, I “think” he assigned claim #07236 52617 and said that a representative would contact me within the next five days. I told him that five days was unacceptable. I “think” he understood when I apprised him of the fact that the contents of that truck were wet, that mildew and mold begin to form in 24-48 hours, especially in warm, humid climates and in darkness, and that my household was unloaded tightly into a dark, climate controlled storage unit. Then he agreed to send a “rush” investigator within 24 hours, which would have been Saturday, October 7th. NO one called. | On Saturday afternoon, October 7th, I emailed Tami Miles again, asking her what she could do to expedite this claim, no response to date. Completely frustrated, around 2pm Saturday afternoon, October 7th, I sent my complaint to Penske via online chat. Chat does not handle complaints, online representative suggested I call Penske in Pompano, 954-977-5101. I was told that was the “district office” by Penske reservations online chat. Saturday October 7th, I called Pompano and an email was sent to polite clerk [email protected] with contract, claim numbers and situation to refer to his manager. No manager on duty and no way to contact manager until Monday. No response on Monday October 9th. | No one called Saturday, no one called Sunday, no one called Monday and now it is Tuesday, October 10th, six days after my entire household got wet due to Penske’s defective truck with a hole in the top. TO DATE, NO ONE HAS EVEN CALLED FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE THE DAMAGE. WHY NOT? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. As my property is deteriorating by moisture, mildew and mold, I am impatiently waiting an acceptable solution. I demand Penske take action before my entire household is ruined, beyond repair through no fault of mine. | Despite my prompt notification, claim numbers and efforts, NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE. Meanwhile, the mildew/mold continues to form/destroy my entire household. Everything stinks. Had Penske acted promptly, this damage would not be getting progressively worse. Yesterday I began the task of searching for tradesmen to try to repair the contents damaged as a result of Penske’s defective truck. | Needed are: | AN INSPECTER/CLAIMS ADJUSTER ONSITE IN TIMELY MANNER, | physical help to actually move, sort, unpack and repack, | miscellaneous mildew/mold cleaning/storing products, | replacement packing materials and boxes, | a second storage unit near the first one to use while sifting through this mess, | local drycleaners with wash/fold and delivery trucks, | local refinisher, | local glass company, | local furniture dry cleaner | and more.


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