Overcharging for inaccurate service


My Complaint: Yesterday (11/14), I purchased a subscription to the above company. I choose to purchase a subscription for 3 mos. for the price of $12.95. I looked at my bank account on line this morning and found I was being charged $56.36. I called the company and asked for the money that was overcharged back. I was told that I would receive a refund. Later, I received an email that I would receive a refund of $12.71. I recalled the company about that matter and was told that refunds are not given. Needless to say that I am quite angry, especially after I found that the present prices are as follows: 1 month is $22.56, 3 months at a cost of $14.56 and 6 months for $9.56. This has got to be against the law, at least, in the USA. After searching on line, I have found that many people have had problems with this company. I have since cancelled my card.


My Demand: Partial refund