Complaint: It has been over three years ago that I was ripped off by Pep Boys at 8917 RESEACH BLVD. AUSTIN TEXAS 78758. The experience was so horrible that I went looking for this site three years later because I am still so helplessly angry. Unfortunately I no longer remember many of the details of the incident but I do remember how rude and indifferent the manager was when the mechanic broke a part while servicing my car. He refused to take my calls so I had to go down to the shop and search him out. He practically laughed in my face. He was extremely arrogant (while I was polite at least at first). He told me that he did not care about complaints or customer service. It just didn’t matter to him. I still recall the haughty, indifference. I sent registered letters to their headquarters and of course never got a response from anyone. I got with the BBB (which they were a member). BBB tried to set up a mediation but they refused to attend (not giving a reason) and chose instead to lose their membership in BBB. I do not know if this loss of membership was permanant or temporary. I took my car to another mechanic and he was willing to testify that Pep Boys mechanics had caused the damage. Unfortunately, I got so busy (I was moving) that I let the time lapse and never took them to small claims court. I guess it’s people like me that allow PEP BOYS to behave as they do. I have met several other people in the last few years with similar stories. Anyway, I feel a little better if I can add my story and help warn others not to use this company under any circumstances. Please, please, please do not patronize this business. Even if you are on of the lucky ones that receive decent service you will be allowing this dishonest company to survive and victimize other people. Jackie Idaho Falls, IdahoU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 8917 Research Austin, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 512-339-1144