Complaint: From August 2000 to October 2000, I paid Pepboys to work on my 10 year old Pontiac Grand Am that stalled a lot and the engine light came on. They ran 3 diagnostics, and replaced the oxygen sensor. Not only did this not solve the problem, but I had to return to them 3 times because the mechanic forgot to hook the oxygen sensor up. I finally took the car to a local mechanic, who informed me that Pepboys had stripped one bolt on the oxygen sensor, and completely broken off the other bolt. Luckily, the mechanic was able to fix the oxygen sensor and bolts, but I finally took it to the dealership to solve the problem with stalling. To fix that, the dealership installed a new “brain box”” or computer chip. From August to December

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: this cost me $1500 including Pepboys

Website: and that I could sue her if I didn’t like it. I did sue Pepboys. Their lawyer did not show up for the first hearing

Phone: the local mechanic