Complaint: This is a letter that explains my problem with them : To Pep Boy’s : I took my car to Pep Boy’s , store 0106 , located on Cobb Pkwy , Marietta , GA to get it repaired on 10/10/2001 . Among all the services done on my Honda Accord 1988 LX , it had a CV Axle replaced .My car , after that , started to have serious problems that I thought to be transmission problems . On 11/03/2201 , I took my car again to Pep Boys , because I always had good faith with them , and I explained to them the problems with my car . They suggested me to do a Tune-up . And that’s what was done on 11/03/2001 . Right after that date , my car was still having problems . I decided to get my car to have its transmission checked up . I decided to take it to another mechanic for several reasons : I couldn’t afford to have Pep Boys fixing my transmission ; I didn’t suspect Pep Boys had caused any damage in my car ; I wanted to try another mechanic , because it is my right to do that ; I took the car to be checked on 30/11/2001 , and the transmission needed to be replaced . I authorized the service . On 12/20/2001 , I went there to pick up the car , but I couldn’t get it that day because they found out that the CV AXLE installed in the car was wrong . It would be a couple of more days to replace the CV AXLE , that pep boys installed, for the right one . Upon checking the 1988 Honda Accord of Mr. Daniel Dantas , the following facts were found : Damage to the trans-axle on driver’s side ; Wrong CV AXLE had been installed . AXLE was too long to fit into the transmission correctly; Transmission clutches were burned due to the improper fit of the axle which caused loss of fluid ; Transmission needed to be replaced ; CV AXLE needed to be replaced . I knew then that Pep Boys was responsible for all the damage caused to my car , installing wrong CV AXLE . By the way , I still have the CV AXLE pep boy’s installed. At the end of december I took all the necessary documents to file a claim so I could be reimbursed for all the money I spent because of Pep Boy’s mistake .. Frank, the manager that day , copied all my documents , or at least he said he did , and faxed to whoever was responsible to handle that kind of situation . He said that would take a week for me to have an answer , because of all the holidays , and he said that somebody would contact me or he would call me . He never called me . Nobody ever called me . I kept calling to the store because I was expecting at least a phone call to let me know what was going on . They always told me to wait . Then I went personally to the store several times to speak to Frank . He told me to wait more . I went back there and I told all the problems to Dave Shuttz and he looked throughout all the paperwork and system files and he said that my claim wasn’t registered . Frank never took any action on registering my claim . He didn’t even fax my paperwork . They lied to me for over a month . But Dave said that he was going to take care of that situation . It never happened . I had to go back and forth to the store 0106 so many times to hear that my case wasn’t solved yet . They never contacted anyone about that case otherwise I would have received at least one phone call from Pep Boy’s regarding my claim . At the end of February , around March , I explained my problem to Roy Rathle . He searched for my claim also . He couldn’t find anything registered . Dave also never filed anything . I felt like a clown after all this people lying to me . At least I expected Roy to handle my problem . That is what he said he was going to do . One more time , another manager ( Roy ) copied all my documents and the proofs for my claim . That was the 3rd time somebody was copying my papers and receipts. He tried to take advantage of my ignorance , my little experience with law , my age (21) , and the fact that I am an immigrant that is not fluent with english . He mentioned something about ” the timeline on this documents are not correct”” – he tried to get away . Then I explained everything to him and he said that i wasn’t getting refunded because I did not take my car’s transmission to be fixed in Pep Boy’s – he tried to get away one more time . I had to tell him that : How could I bring my car here to get its transmission fixed if I didn’t even know that was their fault( Pep Boy’s ) all the damage caused in my car . And I had all the rights to take my car to elsewhere and all the rights to take it to the price better convenient for me

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Address: since I did not know Pep Boy’s did a big mistake in my car. Anyway

Website: neither any document

Phone: he told me he was going to contact me in two days to let me know. It took two weeks until I had to go there and ask him what happened because he never called me . He acted like he did not remembered me