Complaint: Ryan DoughA hard working pepboys employee in the eyes of Ken Holland which was fired for unnown reasons, which was replaced by John K Abel, John pressured me to quit by harrasing me shortly after he took over the store, its not only me that has been a victim of Johns shrewd verbel displays.In example after loading a pallet of defective batteries John noticed three or four batteries not tagged, He brought this to my attention by stating do I need to f***ing smack you. Shortly after realizing that a mistreated badly beaten junk yard dog get better treatment, I clocked out and went home. Later I found out that John was going around like the hubble telescope telling everyone that if anybody seen me to tell me that I was fired.At this time I felt humilated since everyone knew about this action taking place. If you would like to find out for yourself call Tyrone pep boys at 727-343-9500 and ask anyone abot John Abel.Ryan St. Pete, Florida

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: 2601 Tyrone Blvd St Pete, Florida United States of America


Phone: 727-343-9500