I was reading the paper on saturday morning and noticed a good deal on a Subwoofer and amp kit at pepboys. it was listed as a Visonik 800 watt dual 10″ subwoofers w/amplifier. The ad said it included a free amp kit and 2 10″” woofers in a box. So i went to my local pepboys with the flyer and they said its 99.99. nI showed them my flyer and he told me that is was still 99.99. I said then why is it advertised for 49.99. They then then opened a similar kit to see if it was the correct one but it only included one sub and no amp kit. They tried to sell me that at 79.99. they then told me that there was no sub kit in the store for 49.99. So i compared the model numbers and the one that was advertised for 49.99 was indeed the 99.99 kit. So i questioned him and he directed my question to the assistant manager. nWell the assistant manager had no idea what he was tlaking about and was totally rude to me. He told me that is was a misprint and he would not sell it to me for 49.99. I was upset especially about how rude they were so i emailed there customer service and they asked for my phone number to appologize and instead they gave my number to the store mangagers at pepboys. He called me later at night and told me that it was a misprint and it was on the wall. I told him that there was no such information on the wall. he insured me that there was. I then told him how rude his managers were and he got rude with me. nThe next day i went back to the store and there is no such paper on the wall saying that the ad had a misprint. The manager also told me that the ad had been in the store for over 3 weeks. So i checked the internet and the subwoofer is still listed on in store specials for 49.99 even after i contacted there customer service. This is not the first time i have had problems with pep boys. nJamesnYork


470 LOUCKS RD York, Pennsylvania U.S.A.