Complaint: Memorial weekend, 1999, I suffered a breakdown on I-75. I had my car towed to PepBoys, in Bay City,MI, since they were the only ones with mechanics available. I lived about 75 miles from the garage. After a diagnostic exam, I was told I may have cylinder problems and they would check it after the weekend. They gave me an estimate of a little over $500 and told me it should be ready in 4 days. They didn’t even look at it for a week. Finally after calling and calling, they told me that a cyinder head was cracked and they would have to have the engine ground and cleaned. No mention of any additional cost. It took them another week to finally get my car ready. When I picked it up, the bill was for $1106. The car lasted 5 miles before it conked out. They said to have it towed in and they would have their best mechanic look at it the next day. The next day they said they hadn’t had a chance to look at it. Wasn’t till a week later they told me that they hadn’t cleaned the bearings well enough and the engine needed replacing. They told me they had an inexpensive replacement engine ready and would put it in as soon as I authorized it. Four days later I call up and they tell me they are still looking for an engine. So 4 weeks after I drop it off, they call me again and tell me the cars ready. I pick it up. This time it lasted 40 miles before it died. It had to be towed to another PepBoys in Flint. The Bay City Store Manager told me it was the coil wire. When I called up the Flint PepBoy Store, they told me they hadn’t even had a chance to look at it, but they ruled out the coil wire. Five weeks after I dropped the car off, they called for a 3rd time to say the car was ready. When i mentioned that I didn’t think it was right that they charge me $1100 to fix an engine that lasted less than 5 miles, the Store Manager said that they ‘would take care of it’. This worked out to be a free oil change on my new engine. My 3 day, $500 estimate turned out to cost me 5 weeks and over $2000. They continued to lie to me all through the matter. PepBoys is a Total Crooked RipOff Liar!!!!!

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Bay City, Michigan U.S.A.