Complaint: Last year I purchased a fuel pump from the PepBoys store for my vechile. I purchased a fuel pump that has a lifetime garuntee. Upon purchasing the fuel pump I asked the sales associate if someting were to happen to the receipt would I still be able to exchange the product since it had a life time garuntee on it. The clerk told me there wouldn’t be a problem since the store can identify their product. Sure enough here I am a year later with a fuel pump that no longer works. I contacted the Store Manager on 6/21/02 and told him my situation. He asked me if I had a receipt, I told him that it had turned black on me and I threw it away because it was no longer legible. He basically told me that there wasn’t anything he WOULD do, so I demand the District Managers phone number. I contacted the District Manager for the Albuquerque area and told him everything that had transpired, from begining to end. He told me because I did not have a receipt there was nothing he could do. At that point I became very angery because of the false advertisement PepBoys had given me. What is the purpose of purchasing a product that has a lifetime garuntee on it when this company does not back its promise? I understand and realize the importance of retaining a receipt, but the receipt turned black. I am not a dishonest consumer, I just want the fuel pump replaced so my car will run. Since I have been denied I am basically screwed out of driveing myself to work and mainly school where I attend in Albuquerque and I live in Estancia, which is an hour away. I no longer believe in the PepBoys promise and customer commitment and since I have been denied an exchange for a part that has a lifetime garuntee, I wiil take this matter beyond and outside of PepBoys. Genevieve Estancia, New Mexico

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