Pepperdine University Is Not A Righteous Christian University! Corruption At Its’ Finest! Do Not Study At Pepperdine University Out In Malibu, California! I was doing some research on museums out in Malibu, California which is how I learned about the “Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation” which is located on the Pepperdine University campus. | Before venturing out there I had contacted Mr. Michael Zakian, Director of the museum at (310) 506-7257 to introduce myself and explain to him what I do in terms of Promoting Tourism And Museums Since I Have Promoted Every Museum Out In Toronto, Ontario Canada During The Month Of January 2018 and I Have Done Extensive Volunteer Promotional Work Out In Patagonia, Argentina. He then had asked ME to send him my credentials since I am a Volunteer, Unpaid Writer/Promoter for the Google Maps with over 6,000,000 Views Per Month On My Work and I did as I was told. He eventually got back to ME and said that he could Not Do An Interview With ME, but stated that I am more than welcome to come any day that I wish to Take Pictures and Make My Own Youtube Videos With Myself Only and I told him that was fine. | Back on Thursday, April 5, 2018, I decided to visit the museum with my friend Christopha Thompson and unfortunately it was closed due to a change in their installations, however, if Mr. Michael Zakian would have told ME this during our last conversation about the museum being closed for a certain number of days, then we would have Never Gone Out There For Basically Nothing! Moving Right Along: During our visit, somebody over at Pepperdine University mentioned that they have a newly renovated library and recommended us to pay a visit and during our visit we saw their “Pat Boone” display which was lovely and after we went to one of the study rooms to sit there quietly and use our laptops since wi-fi was available. I would say that within about 30 minutes two (2) of their security guards, along with a police officer came over to us and just Harassed and Humiliated Us For Invalid Reasons. They stated that we had No Right To Be Here and That We Were Trespassing when Mr. Michael Zakian, Director Of The “Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation” was the one who Invited ME there to Begin With. Furthermore, they asked Us For Our Identification Cards And Phone Numbers and then they tried to contact Mr. Michael Zakian, but were Unsuccessful! They Then Told Us That We Must Leave Immediately and Gave Us A Ride Down The Hill Towards The Bus Stop To Head Back To Santa Monica where we came from! Please Note: Just before they gave us our ride, they told ME that if I wanted to come back again then I need to speak with their Integrated Marketing Communications Department to get the Approval To Come Back and Have That Department Contact Their Security Department To Give The Okay. | Well, before we left Pepperdine University, I contacted that department at (818) 702-1400 and spoke with Ms. Alexandra Forero, Public Relations Manager (Email: [email protected] u) and had a lengthy conversation with her about What I Do and she was the one who told ME that it was Not Necessary For ME To Get Any Approval At All since I was a Volunteer Promoter and Not With A Camera Crew or a News Team. I did ask her if she could please contact the Security Department to explain this to them and she said that it was Not Necessary. She also informed ME that there will be a Public Grand Opening for the museum back on Thursday, April 12, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. To 8:00 p.m. and Highly Recommended That I Attend since it was a Public Event. I therefore took Ms. Alexandra Forero’s recommendation and came back to the museum for the Grand Opening. | When I arrived, it was about two (2) hours earlier because I just wanted to see the newly renovated library just one more time since I did Not Finish Viewing The Enclosed Glass Wall Displays during my last visit. After that I went immediately to their Starbucks and sat their quietly with my laptop until the Grand Opening Started. Within about one (1) hour of waiting the Same Security Guards [Which Were Mr. Jose Cordova (818) 730-0498 And Mr. Edwin Interiano (818) 632-6773] Who Harassed Both My Friend And I On My Very First Visit decided to Harass, Humiliate, Torment and Embarrass ME on my Second Visit Which was Nothing More Than Pure Racism, Prejudice, Bigotry, Anti-Semitism Because I Was Jewish And They Knew That By My Star Of David That I Was Wearing and they did Not Like ME because I Was White And They Were BOTH Latin and They Wanted To Prove A Point and They Verbally Abused ME and Mistreated ME As If I Were A Major Criminal And/Or Homeless Person! Please Note: They Both Made Wrongful Accusations Against ME By Stating That Somebody Filed A Complaint About ME and they could Not Even Tell ME What I Did Wrong! Please Note: They Also Continued To Make Other Wrongful Accusations Against ME by Stating that I was Going Around The Library With A Video Camera which was Not True and when I offered to Show Them My Bag To Prove My Innocence, They Refused To Look At It! They Also Wrongfully Accused ME Of Telling People That I Charge For My Work and/or That I Am Here To Get Money For My Promotional Work In Tourism When I Am A Volunteer And Have Made That Clear To Both Mr. Michael Zakian, Director Of The Museum And Ms. Alexandra Forero, Public Relations Manager That I Do This Only For Free And For My Own Personal Enjoyment. | In Addition: I told them that I was back there for the Public Grand Opening Of The “Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation” Museum and that I had a Right To Be Here because I was Invited by Ms. Alexandra Forero and Mr. Michael Zakian To Begin With and they kept on going on that I Was Illegally Trespassing Which Was So Repulsive And Degrading to say the Very Least! I have Much Better Things To Do With My Life Other Than To Trespass On University and/or Private Property! Please Note: They Claimed That They Both Called Mr. Michael Zakian, Director Of The Museum and he told them that he Never Invited ME to the Museum, Period… (which was a Big Lie) and they also said to ME that Ms. Alexandra Forero from the Integrated Marketing Communications Department Never Spoke With ME On The Phone Ever! Please Note: Why Don’t You Pull The Phone Records For The Incoming Calls To See My Phone Number Of: (323) 514-2779 Show Up And Then You Can Tell ME Who Is Lying? To Make Matters Worst, Your Disgusting, Racist, Bigoted, Anti-Semite, Prejudiced Security Guards Forced ME To Sign This Trespassing Notification 602 (1) Ca. Penal Code Notice stating that I am Not Allowed To Come Back Here Ever Again and If I Do, Then I Will Be Arrested! | I was so Angry, Disgusted and Offended over your Security Guard’s Inappropriate Behavior And Constant LYING Towards ME For Invalid Reasons that it was Not A Joke Anymore! Please Note: I have been to Many Universities In Both Toronto, Ontario Canada such as the University Of Toronto and York University where I am from including many out in Brasil, Argentina and even the United States such as UCLA and USC and have NEVER Had Such A Disgusting And Inappropriate Visiting Experience As I Recently Had At Your Pepperdine University! Do You Really Call Yourselves A Good, Righteous Christian University If You Allow Innocent People To Be Mistreated In The Way That I Have? My Answer: I Don’t Think So! | Enclosed, in the attachment, please find a copy of the Trespassing Notification 602 (1) Ca. Penal Code form that I signed for your reference and further review. PS: I Thought The 10 Commandments State That It Is A Sin To LIE! Answer: You Are All Hypocrites Thou Shalt Be Judged On Judgment Day! Amen! I Will Make Sure That My Negative Review Gets Posted On Major Social Media Websites And I Am Also Forwarding It To The Christian Post For Publication Purposes! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul S Angry, Upset And Pissed Off Pepperdine University Potential Museum Visitor Volunteer, Google Guide, Level 8 Writer/Promoter For Tourism /HPS Enclosure: Please See The Attachment For A Copy Of The Trespassing Notification 602 (1) Ca. Penal Code Form That I Was Forced To Sign For Your Review And Further Reference. Thank You. |


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