ABOUT THE BLANDS. nDr. Percy Bland Sr. and Percy Bland Jr have been selling over priced clothing for about two years now! NEITHER have any experience in this business. Perci Fashions gimmick is they provide a solution to men and women that just arent satisfied with off-the-rack clothing that never fits right even after alterations. Percis custom tailoring will make you spend a million dollars for a wardrobe of cheap clothing. Not only will your material be a low quality it will also be disappointingly put together. nThis is a family business ran out of their home which consist of the father Pastor Bland, his wife and two children. It started out as a hobby but when they found out how easy it was to over price the clothing by 400 to 800 percent it quickly turned into a world wide rip-off pyramid throughout the United States and Europe. nPercy will offer you the choice of everything including fabrics, colors, and styles, with the opportunity to shop right in the comforts of your own home or place of employment. They will play on your ignorance throughout the entire process from start to finish then over price you at the end! Like so many of their clients, not only did I fell stupid after I realized I was being over charged 600 percent I was highly trouble! nDuring the process they will show you tons of fabric books and different photos of athletes they worked with once or twice to make you believe their truly the right choice for you. The family name dropped the entire time during my fitting which seemed uncomfortable at first but I just went along with it. nI dont know how much I can stress the point but please DO NOT be fooled by the BLAND FAMILY and the people who work for them! nVictor James (Director Marketing Manager of Percis Fashions) Dallas Fort Worth Area be cautious.. James works for the bland family. James job is to set up parties for the Blands. Its sort of like a time share. James and other workers for the blands will recruit people they know and invite them to a hotel where they will have snacks and drinks and show you samples of their garments along with the photos of they clients and make you believe your getting a deal of a life time then over charge you 400 to 800 percent. nIf you looking for the same clothing at a fraction of the price please respond to this listing and I will send you the direct link to were you can get the same clothing for a of youve been charged! n(((ROR removed because of security purposes))) CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. nThomasnMemphis, TennesseeU.S.A.



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