If you get a call or letter from this company promising free travel and other rewards for listening to a travel membership offer or any other offer for that matter, DO NOT do it and tell all your friends to ignore the offer. They make it as difficult as possible to recieve the rewards promised. If you do one little thing wrong, such as forgeting to include a postage stamp, they will void the reward without notifying you or giving you an opportunity to correct it. They obviously want you to make a mistake so they can void your reward. I got a call from them promising two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. if my wife and I listened to a travel membership presentation. We agreed but declined to by the membership because it was to expensive and high pressure. Everyone went from being very friendly to very cold and some guy gave us the paperwork to claim the reward and pointed us to the back door. When you register for the reward, they make you jump through a bunch of hoops. We registered on line (if you register by mail, they tell you to include a self addressed stamped envelope). Nothing happened for a couple of weeks so I called. I was told by a rude woman that we need to also physically mail in a form, so I did. A month later, (today) I called and asked about the status. I was told the offer was voided. I asked why and was told I neglected to send a stamped envelope. I said OK I can send one now. He said, nope, too late. I asked why they didn’t call me or email me to let me know I forgot the envelope. He said that’s my responsibility not theirs. No apology, no desire to help out, no nothing. I will warn everyone I know about this company and post a complaint on every forum I can find. I HOPE THIS DISCPICABLE COMPANY GOES OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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