Perfect World scams then censors customers.


My Complaint: Perfect World has partnered with Peanut Labs, a notorious survey scam that offers to pay in-game currency in exchange for information, only they often do not make good on their offers. See this thread as evidence. nw-forum.perfectworld.c… You’ll notice this thread was locked by a community moderator, and moved to the “Lower Depths” which is where they send any posts that violate their “ToS”. The community mod recommends this user file a ticket with their Customer Support. The only thing is, Customer Support for their games either does not reply, or sends an automated response having nothing to do with the actual ticket. When users complain on the forum about the lack of responsiveness from Customer Support, they get their posts locked, and moved to the “Lower Depths” for violating the ToS. Here are numerous links proving that this company censors complaints about its terrible Customer Service. nw-forum.perfectworld.c… nw-forum.perfectworld.c… nw-forum.perfectworld.c… nw-forum.perfectworld.c… nw-forum.perfectworld.c… My account was banned from the forum for complaining about the treatment of players, even though my complaints were voiced in a very civil, reasonable way, that did not violate any rules of the ToS. When I asked what rule I broke, they simply responded that the forum is “private property” and that they’re allowed to ban anyone for whatever reason. See this thread for proof. nw-forum.perfectworld.c… I spent 80 dollars to support this game because it carried the D&D brand. I love D&D, but this game is far from it, and I feel like I was lured by false advertising into spending money on it. I regularly reported certain users on the forum for calling other users stupid, and other offensive names that clearly violated the ToS. Those users have never had any disciplinary actions taken against them, yet I’m punished for not being happy with the state of the game. I created several Foundry missions in this game, and the main reason I was on the forum to begin with was because this game does nothing to promote your work, or help you get plays, you have to hawk your quests on the forum and basically beg for plays. I managed to get over a thousand plays, with overwhelmingly positive ratings/reviews. I spent several hundred hours developing UGC for this game for free, and spent eighty dollars to support it, and this is how I get repaid. Since this forum is linked to on the game’s main page, and the game supposedly has over two million players, I don’t see why this forum should possibly considered private property. They regularly advertise items in their in-game Zen shop on the forum, along with $200 Hero of the North packs just to play a race that was promised to be available for free, and have ads for Peanut Labs on their forum index, which is notorious for scamming users. Since this forum is tied to a commercial product, and used to advertise, I think it should be considered a public domain, and that consumers should be allowed to freely voice their concerns about the shady business tactics used there..


My Demand: I would like to see disciplinary action taken against this company for actively scamming people, then censoring their complaints.