Complaint: Alot of people know what goes on at this shop. So their is many witnesses to their actions their. To begoin their is a mark I volkswagen jetta their, that was supposed to get worked on 3 months ago. the owner paid in advance 900 dollars to have his car fixed. now 3 months later his car is a shell and the owner dave johnso sold parts out of the car. so basically you can say it was stolen. what he did would be considered theft. About 2 months ago i ordered a radiator that cost 160.00 from this company and when i received it i relized i couldnt used it so wanted to send it back, as they made no effort as to sending it back. finally the part was picked up but i heard no word on my money. so i confronted them. the owner told me and i quote “we are broke right now

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Address: give me a few weeks to save the money and pay you back but it will only be 145.00 because it sat here”” then me and my “”friend”” sat in the shop talking watching her car get fixed that she had received a bill of over 500 dollars for and paid already. the owner came outside and handed her a bill for 145 dollars and said thats for a new exhaust which they told her was free and their are witnesses to that. he stated we owe anonymous 145 dollars and you owe us that amount so you pay her and we will call it a day. Now im left with no receipt. They race customers cars

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Phone: they do burnouts in the customers cars