Judith Max also applies permanent makeup at Salon A in Paramus NJ. She use to work out of the office of Ann D, before Ann retired. | I went to the Paramus location to have my permanent makeup applied. I first went in on Wednesday February 17th. to have the first application applied by Judith Max. I should have left then after she was over 40 minutes late for our appointment. | Unfortunately I didn’t, which was a big mistake.I had the procedure done & was told that I had to come back in 4-6 weeks for a touch up which was included in the $450 I paid that day. Since then I have made 5 appointments with Judith Max To come in for my touch up & every time there is some sort of issue. First I was told I would now have to come back after 5 pm. because someone called the board of health on Salon A, because she wasn’t suppose to be tattooing at there hair studio. On another 3 occasions she called me a couple minutes before my appointment, to tell me she either couldn’t make it there or she’ll be an hour or so late. Knowing I live 40 minutes away, obviously I was already on my way & almost there. She was very quick to take my money, but now still has not finished the service. | My eyebrows are a blotchy mess. I filed with the BBB, small claims court & the health department. | Judith Max (That is not even her real name, she told me to have her court papers sent to Judy M Murino come to find out her actual name is Judith Maxine Medina) use to work out of the office of Ann D. If you search Ann D permanent cosmetics, you will see that Judith Max has several terrible reviews on City Search, etc. over the past couple years. Unfortunately, these reviews don’t come up when you just search Judith Max. So I never saw them ahead of time. Search Ann D permanent cosmetics & you will see reviews from all her unhappy customers. | She uses the name Judith Max instead of her real name Judith Medina because she doesn’t want people seeing her DWI conviction from June 17th, 2012 when she was arrested in Monmouth County NJ for her second DWI. If you check her review on City Search you will see that one of her unhappy customers thought she was drunk while she was performing her procedure. | She is completely unstable & irrational. I have tons of rambeling text messages from her. Is this someone you really want tattooing on your face? I don’t think so. | We are curently awaiting our second court date. Since she was a no show at out first. I have had to waste several hours going back & forth to court because of the mess this woman made of my eyebrows. | If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


  • Name: Permanent Cosmetics By Judith Max
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Oakhurst
  • Address: 1806 NJ-35 #303, , NJ 07755, United States Phone: +1
  • Phone: 201-921-0800
  • Website: permanentcosmeticsbyjudithmax.com/