Complaint: This law firm is one of the worst for Worker’s Comp representation. Under the Larry H. Parker umbrella of companies, the only service I received was when a rep came to my home to have me sign the documents consenting to give the firm 15% of any settlement received. My case was a simple on-the-job injury that should not have taken 3 years to settle. The company transferred my medical care to one of their doctors who basically ran every possible needless test and ran up the medical bills which the employer was obligated to pay once they admitted liability. In 3 years, I only spoke with an attorney over the phone no more than 5 times, TOTAL. When calling to get updates for my case, I was shamelessly put into a waiting line of phone calls that were answered by paralegals who CANNOT, by law, give legal advise. The only thing they could do was TRY and give me a status update to my case. Unfortunately, I knew more going on with my case than the law firm. On many occasions, I had to fax over a copy of whatever documents I had received in the mail because they “hadn’t received theirs”” or simply “”did not have a copy””. Further

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Address: in the 3 years I was painfully represented by this sorry firm

Website: much less even talked to. And the few times I did actually get an appointment to have my lawyer call me (yes

Phone: I only SAW a lawyer face-to-face 5 times. Only twice was it the same lawyer at Mandatory Settlement Conferences. My initial meeting with a JUNIOR lawyer was at a deposition in the defense attorney’s office. My so-called “”lawyer”” showed up without my file. We had to delay the start of the interrogatories so that I could provide her with the background of my case. Embarrassing! Nonetheless