I ordered 4 painted flip stools as baby gifts off of their web site on 11/14/06. The site indicated it would take 2 – 3 weeks for them to ship. I contacted them via email on 12/9 4 weeks later as I never received shipment confirmation. I did not receive a response so I emailed them again on 12/15/06. I received the following email response. n”Hi

nWe had actually emailed this customer to advice them of a manufacturer back order on the product

we had not heard back from the customer so we had cancelled the order and issued a credit. I wil contact the customer directly as well. nJulie NovellinPresidentnPersonalized For Baby

Inc.“” nI checked my credit card two weeks later and there was no credit on my card. I also emailed them on 1/2/06 and did not receive a response back. I called them at least 4 times and did not receive a call back – they do not pick up their sales line or their customer service line. I finally called my credit card company today to dispute the charge. nTaranCos Cob