I ordered personalized baby items on 4/10/10 for my daughter to have at the hospital when she is born. On 4/28/10 I received the items in the mail and immediately contacted personalizedforbaby.com to indicate that three of the four items were incorrect. The fourth item was an oops items that I ordered that the seller had messed up on someone else’s order. She indicated that she would replace the items and mail them out to me. I waited 5 weeks and didn’t receive them so I emailed her back to request the status. She informed me that she had forgotten to place the reorder and would do it and mail it out the next day which would have been 6/10/10. The items never came. On 6/17/10 I emailed again asking for a tracking number and confirmation that she did in fact mail them out on 6/10/10 and she ignored my questions and said if I didn’t receive them by Monday, 6/21/10 to email her again which I did when they didn’t arrive. I emailed twice after that and she has ignore me and will not respond to my emails. So now I have paid $54.85 for three bibs which I only ordered because I was ordering the other items and do not have the items I wanted for the hospital and it is too late since it has now been over 12 weeks since I originally placed the order to get anything to replace them in time and I am out the money as well. Do not order from this website. There are plenty of other websites you can get quality products from sellers who have morals and who won’t rip you off.

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