Complaint: The old saying..if it sounds to good to be true…IT’s NOT! I received an email I neededto go through a speific credit services to verify my identity. Its called Credit Services Inc (ie CNSMR). There would be a $ 39.95 charge. Once reveived I would be given an access code foe Once I put in the code, thyis company is like, if you want X dollar it will cost X dollars. It was broken down from like 50 – 2500, 2501 – ?????. I wanted $40,000 so I was asked to pay $275. I also was told I would get lenders that would approve me. Their list is a joke. It’s a list of like 16…it includes loans, payday loans and credit cards. Then you was told after you pay the fee you’d only be given 50% back if you was unsatisfied with the outcome. However, if you got denied from all 16 you’d have to mail the denial letters to the company in NY. I kindly asked for a full refund and was denied over and over. I receive an email that I was to get back the $39.95. I’ve informed them I have not received the credit back to my account. Then I get an email from who says he’s the VP of the company. In the email he states I’d get the $ 39.95 back and he’d make an exception and refunded me only $200 of the $275. As of 10/19/18, I’ve only been refund $200 of the $275 and nothing for the $39.95. I will be reporting this company to the BBB, This company doesn’t stand by their word.

Tags: Credit Card, Internet Fraud, Loan Fraud, Loan Scam, Ripoff- Internet

Address: NY United States