Animal carrier did not deliver


My Complaint: I found an advertisement of one Julie Stuty (tel #: 13193278097) who claimed to be selling two African grey parrots for $500.I wanted to buy these parrots, so I sent her a text using the phone number provided (listed above), she replied giving me her email ([email protected]), so that we could discuss the details of the transaction.Julie explained that she was giving the parrots away for free and $500 was the cost of shipping them to Las Vegas (where I live).She said the carrier company would contact me once she arranged to have the parrots delivered.Soon I was emailed by “Pet Air Aways Delivery Service” ([email protected]) saying that I needed to pay the $500 via money order before the parrots could be delivered and that the delivery would take place 24 hours after payment.However, after I paid, the company began asking for additional money ($1500) for insurance, certificates, etc.I began to suspect something wasn’t right and refused to pay until the parrots were delivered.Now, I do not have either the parrots or $500. and trying to contact the company or Julie led to no results.


My Demand: Refund of the money I paid for nothing