Purchased a teacup Chihuahua puppy possibly 9 weeks old on March 3rd and the puppy died on March 7th. We took the puppy to the vet on March 6th because we found it in the morning almost dead. We spent over $400 trying to revive the puppy which the vet did save the puppy. nWe were told by the vet that she did not have any clue as to why the puppy got sick in the first place. We were instructed to try to feed the puppy every two-four hours and to give the puppy either “Enervite”” or “”Karo”” syrup so the puppy does not get hypoglycemic. nI gave the puppy Karo syrup every hour just to be safe and offered food and water every two hours which was rejected. With all my efforts the puppy still died the next day. The vet that took care of him the day prior told us and we have it in writing that she does not believe that the puppy died of hypoglycemia. nThe pet store owner was fighting us tell us that it did so that he does not have to give us a credit. He finally gave in after contacting the BBB and Tom Martino’s office. He then told me that he would contact me when he got more teacup Chihuahua’s in

that was over two weeks ago. nToday we called him pretending to be interested in purchasing a Chihuahua and asked him if had any and he did. We then called back and told him who we were and asked why he did not call us. He rudely told us that he had just gotten the puppy in today we again asked why he did not call us being that it the store opens at 10:00am and it was now 1:00pm he hung up on us. nDo not purchase a dog of any kind from this store

Tom Martino’s office told me that they have numerous complaints against this pet store and this owner. If anyone has ever had to go through this same situation please let me know as any info could help my case against him. nAimeenArvada


6911 South University Blvd Centennial, Colorado U.S.A.