I was completely scammed


My Complaint: I have left 3 mesg with their ” Messenger Service” which quite frankly sounds like some guy sitting at his kitchen table. Everyday I’m told that there in meetings. No one is ever called me back. I was sent one automated message that at the end said if I pressed one I could talk to somebody but that didn’t work. It just kept making the message repeat. I emailed them twice no response there either. They talked about how time is of the essence I don’t even know if the Amber Alert ever went out. I honestly don’t think it did because none of my neighbors got it. I wouldn’t dare ask for my money back because one of the stipulations is this big long agreement that you will not ask for your money back and it repeats that over and over in the agreement now I know why they have it in there and are so adamant about it. And I just keep remembering having them repeat time is of the essence it’s so important you’re at a time frame and I can’t even get anyone to answer my phone calls questions call me back and I honestly like I said don’t think they even sent the Amber Alert out. They sent me one email that said exactly zero Flyers went out to local businesses. Okay thank you for telling me what you didn’t do. What I do want is my money back but you not allowed to ask him for that the whole thing seems like a scam. I highly doubt they have that many meetings and even if they did they should have somebody available to speak to people since time is of the essence and they sure don’t have a problem taking your money and sending you emails telling you how it really.Would help if you upgrade.


My Demand: At this point I just want my money back but you’re not allowed to ask for that they make you sign a waiver