We hired this lawyer for relocation trial, He charged $5.000.00. He seemed genuine and helpul. Felt safe and secure, even though I know there is not always a chance in succeding in trials. | We went through 5 years of material and I spent most of the time doing the work. When it came down to court Mr. Lometvas guarented me all paper wokf and evidence were submitted. | I did not know at the time of trial that there was no evidence. Until I recieved the transcript. When I contacted Mr. Lometevas, He was the rudest most ignorant lawyer, he was nothing he pertained to be. He told me he knew I had no case. | When I asked why did you take the case, he had no answer, he actually threatened to call cops on me. I have been damaged for any future cases because of this situation and went through thousand of dollars trying to correct the. He took a bribe and set me up to lose the case. I have been marked for good by this man.


  • Name: Peter C. Lomtevas Esq., P.C.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: 1248 85th Street
  • Phone: (718) 745-3600
  • Website: www.lomtevas.com/