In July my engine went out in my truck, I had it towed to Peterbilt in Meridian Ms. I had a company to ship in use engine because their new engine was to expensive. So after they received engine I was constantly on the phone with Scott the GM, he was telling me they would get to it finally I called headquarters and they got on . Which took 2 months to begin. So finally they tell me truck is ready then he called back and said they have to change box over not ready yet. Scott said we’re gonna put motor mounts on also, and since we got it out we’re gonna do clutch, I said ok fine. Then Scott called back weeks later stating it need batteries, I said I just had them replaced. Ok go ahead I said. | When I went to get truck it wouldn’t start we jumped it off started but when turned off wouldn’t start. I advise Scott several warning lights on and I’m getting a lot of smoke inside the cab and outside as well. I had just had turbo installed 4 days prior I told him I wanted it installed because I had warranty on it he didn’t do. I went to go turn rental truck in to let Scott fix issues when I returned truck started but still had all the issues Scott wanted to charge me for everything after dropping engine in but truck is smoking in which I have to go to Dr because I’ve been sick. When I drove for about 500 miles I parked and noticed coolant, wasn’t none of the radiator hose tighten has several air leaks hood will not close properly and front member cracked. They just dropped engine in regenerated and said it was done. I feel they ripped me off for 10k


  • Name: Peterbilt of Mississippi
  • Country: United States
  • State: Mississippi
  • City: Meridian
  • Address: 6410 I St
  • Phone: 601-696-7171
  • Website: