Purchased my chihuahua end of April 2008. Took him to their recommended Vet for a check up with in the first few days. They told me that he was a mixed breed. I called Karin the owner immediately and told her what they said. She tells me that she has chihuahua’s and the Vet lady has a different type breed of dog so basically the Vet lady doesnt know that the dog is not a chihuahua. I waited for the dog to get bigger plus got a second opinion, that Vet told me the same thing. nTalked to Karin a few times regarding the breed of my dog, got brushed off each time. Finally on one of our conversations I asked her if she would like to see the dog. She tells me “No””.

with that reply I took him to the Charleston and Rampart store and asked her to come out of the store to look at him. When I asked her what his he

she tells me she does’nt know. I gave her two pictures of my dog (Oreo) she contacted her distriputer

Hunts Corp. They confirmed the dog was a “”mis-representation of a chihuahua””. nShe then asked me for my AkC papers

which I had not recieved