In February of 2007, my fiance and I purchased an english bulldog from petland. The cast was about 3500 dollars. A few weeks later, we noticed things were just not right with her. She hadn’t grown at all. nWe took her to several veterinarians and no one could diagnose her with anything. I finally had one of them run a full report on her bloodwork, which cost over 300 dolllars. She was then diagnosed with what is called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which is inherited from the mother. She could not digest any food and was getting no nutrients from it whatsoever. nBefore she was diagnosed however, she would have to go to the bathroom several times a day, like 15 or 20 times. She would eat anything from rocks, to other things. Once I actually caught her eating her own feces!! nAfter this disturbing behavior, I did some research on my own and found that this symptom was fairly common to dogs with the disorder. My vet put her on a special diet, and enzymes to help her survive. nThis diet is hardly inexpensive! The medicine costs about 150.00 a bottle and lasts a little over a month and the food is about 25.00 a bag. It would be easy for someone to just “put her to sleep”” and get a new dog

which was petlands answer. nBy this time

we were already attached to her

and of course

paid for all the medications. Petland said they would reimburse us for the bills