Purchased my precious Yorkie (keeping her name anonymous to protect her poor innocent soul) to find out a month later she was born with severe Shallow Acetabulum (hip dysplasia) in BOTH hips, which is a very painful, congenital and hereditary condition. The breeder should have neutered and stopped future breeding from this pedigree and due to the severity, should have known her pedigree history. This is the breeder Pets Are People Too purchases their dogs from. Under the Fla.Stat. 828.29, Pets Are People Too had no choice but to refund me my u201c$1,400u201d I paid for my baby girl and acted like they cared. Two hip surgeries and over $4,000 later, you think they could have called to see how she was doing and even offer to help out with any additional costs other than what they were entitled to pay by law! To pay that kind of money, you would also think you would be getting a d**n good pedigree, but instead pay top dollar to get a sick puppy mill puppy that is given a phony certification for a wannabe AKA company who never even responded to me when I notified them about this problem. Pets Are People Too also told me my baby would be no more than 4 to 5 pounts on the high side and 9 pounds later! Also had to have her baby teeth removed that were overgrowing over the permanent teeth. My research and investigation on Pets Are People Too show all their dogs come from puppy mills, not one breeder like they tell you. Well, if this is the breeder, then watch out! They are a total rip-off and donu2019t care about where they buy their babies, only about how much they can sell them for! Only upside on this story is that I saved my baby girl from them and their phony actions about caring for these dogs. Buyer beware, this could be you with a sick puppy you cannot afford to care for. Thank god I found the means to save my baby girl!!

5195 University Drive Davie, Florida USA



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