I went to this Petsmart location several months ago, and was horrified at the condition of some of the animals I witnessed. The hermit crabs there were non active, probably because of the filth and lack of food, clean water or a humidity gauge. The sponges inside the crab habitat were actually brown with mold, probably had never been changed. I had bought 2 pet hermit crabs from this store who died within 2 months, despite my attempts to rehabilitate them were not in very good health to start with. nMost crabs get a pretty rough life to start with – imagine being plucked off a nice beach somewhere that you lived on for a good 5-20 years, having your comfortable shell home broken off your back and shoved into an itchy painted shell, then shipped off to be neglected/abused in pet stores or mall kiosks and being sold to live in some cramped plastic Kritter Keeper box. nBeing that I’m a really big animal lover of all kinds, whether furry or scaly, big or small; I always take a look at the little critters whenever I stop by a Petsmart, even if its just to run in for some dog food. What really ticked me off and caused me to write to the corporate office was a dead hamster inside one of the cages, curled up in a small metallic bowl. He appeared to be drowned, on his back with his little feet curled up. Now I saw this poor guy on the same day that I saw the terrible conditions inside the hermit crab tank. My husband and I immediately called over an employee, who didn’t really seem shocked or phased by it at all. His reaction was most like a nonchalant “oh

sorry about that”” as he is scooping this little dead critter out of its cage. I did ask the employee what was in those bowls

if it was water and if he had possibly drowned. He told me they were just using the bowls to give the animals carrots and other treats. nAs soon as I got home

I set out to write them a concerned letter. I received a pretty cookie-cutter response

albeit quickly